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Evening Ladies'Fellowship

40 days Lent Challenge

The ELF’s once again embarked on the 40 day challenge whereby shoe boxes and black bags were handed out at the beginning of Lent.  The purpose of these boxes and black bags was to make us all aware of the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert. Each day when we placed one more item into the shoe box or black bag we were consciously reminded of the 40 days and what Lent is all about.  At the end of Lent all items were collected and the ELF's has a field day (evening) sorting out the black bags and boxes.  All items will be given to the needy.

Needless to say our RMC family rose to the challenge and we were blessed with heaps of clothing, toiletries and food.

A huge thank you to all took up on this challenge and have given from the heart to make someone else a very happy receiver.  God bless.

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