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The GAP Group started as a Missionary support group.  We provide partial support for;

  •  Marlene and Jeremy Sieberhagen who have served in Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan and now work in Port Elizabeth training missionaries for cross cultural work in Asia and Africa.  Jeremy is now director of Africa for Christ, while Marlene continues to work for OM

  • Gerhard and Gretha Venter, who started off working for Flying Mission in Botswana and now work in Cape Town for SIM. Gerhard is the financial director of SIM and Gretha runs antenatal classes on the Cape Flats.

  • Kim and Elijah Katuta, who work at His School in Maanhaarrand.  Kim is school manager and Elijah is maintenance manager.

  • Steve and Inez Carter who are working as missionaries in Rustenburg.


GAP Outreaches

Part of the mission of our church is to reach out and help those in need in the communities surrounding us. The coordination of this lies with the GAP Mission Group and it runs two feeding schemes:

The Fill-a-Tummy scheme was started about twelve years ago by one of the Life Groups and then later was taken over by the GAP Group. This scheme is based on filling a bag with prescribed items capable of providing a family of four one meal a day for a month. These bags are available in the foyer or cash donations can be made. Families receive a bag every one to two months depending on the need. In the last few years we find that demand is often greater than the supply and we simply cannot help all who ask.   We also supply about 12 pensioner packs monthly to pensioners in the Kerk Street Municipal flats.  These packs are slightly different as they are designed for a single person and contain food more suitable for the aged. When funds permit we also make up vegetable packs for distribution.

It now costs approximately R170 to fill a “Fill-a-Tummy” or “Granny” bag.

The Lerato Le Bana Feeding scheme is the other mission which gives a nutritious food mix, consisting of rice, soya, dried mixed vegetables and flavourings, to child-headed households so that they can have food during the school holidays. During the term these children rely on the school feeding scheme for their main meal. This does not operate during holidays and the children often go hungry.  Currently the scheme operates in three schools, Kroondal Primary, Tiralong Secondary (also in Kroondal) and His School at Dayspring Children’s Village in Maanhaarrand. We assist about seventy children although we are not always able to provide a meal for every day of the holiday.

Lerato le bana meals cost about R11 per bag which holds 5 portions.

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