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Rev Alan and Anne Molyneux

Anne and Alan have been married for 28 years. Anne is a Queenstown (Komani), Eastern Cape girl that has descended from Welsh and English heritages. She met Alan in Queenstown when Alan began his ministry about 30 years ago. Alan is a Leigh, Lancashire, England boy who can trace his ancestors back 1100 years.

Alan likes science fiction, Anne does not. Anne loves ballet, Alan finds it excruciating boring. Anne is the creative one in the family and Alan loves history. Anne loves the ocean, Alan loves the mountains.


We have a few cats. There is Biscuit, who presently in Louis Trichardt is suffering allergies from the blossoms that are emerging and there is also Charcoal who is a total Mommy's boy and always wants love from his parents. Biscuit was raised by hand when his mother couldn't feed him and every few hours he would get his food through a  syringe held by Alan. He now is a muscular teenager. Charcoal spent the first few months of his life in a cage with another feral cat as a companion while the other cat recovered from a serious operation. That other cat's name was Sweety Pie and unfortunately he died of a cat virus a few months back.

Alan grew up in Edenvale/Germiston and did his first post matric studies at the Assemblies of God theological college. He then moved onto a B.Th at Unisa and did Honours at the SA Theological Seminary. Anne did office administration studies at a college in Cape Town after she left school.

They own a home in Parklands in Cape Town and will, after their service at RMC, retire to the city as they semigrate south. Alan's deep passion is the theology of holiness and care of/for creation. Both of us are avid lovers of animals.

Welcome into the RMC team and we know that you are going to be a great asset to our beautiful church and church family.


Dcn Fozia Madjoe

Fozia is from the Hassim clan married Simon and is now Madjoe clan.  She is an ordained Deacon (2010) in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. Fozia and Simon have a son Lazio and a daughter Escleston.  They are grandparents to a darling grandson Alario and soon will be grandparents to a granddaughter.

Fozia has been in ministry since 1998 and has since served at the Full Gospel House of Fire, St George's Methodist Church, City Mission and St John's Methodist Church and to add to her resume, she has been a member of the Women's Association since 2000.

There is a statement that says: "Your mess becomes your Message and your test becomes your Testimony". In Fozia's case this rings very true.  Being a survivor of cultural, sexual and domestic abuse, she is passionate about issues pertaining to women and the plight of women.

She also has a passion for connecting with God and with people; and for connecting people to each other and God.

Fozia has a huge heart for missions.  At the Full Gospel Seminary, Fozia majored in Biblical Studies and Missions.  She loves partnering with others for ministry and seeing churches work together to advance God's Kingdom.  To this end she has been involved in various Ministries such as RTI, Mahube, HIV and Aids Sentre, Victory Outreach International, Circle of Life and various other organisations.  Here she has been an advocate for women who have fallen victim of GBV and various other atrocities.

A huge welcome to you too into the RMC church and RMC family.


Rev David Fidler and family

At the end of November we bid Farewell to Rev David Fidler, Kirsty, Joshua, Lauren and Ethan.

Our dear Minister and his family that have been part of our lives for the past 8 years and will leave a huge gap at RMC.

Rev David’s dedication to the Rustenburg Methodist Church has been amazing despite the last 19 months being the most difficult time for everyone and especially for David.  Despite these trying times, David has made himself available to walk with us every step of the way through great sadness and grief.  David’s love for RMC has radiated through his hard work and for remaining in contact with us all even when we could not congregate.  RMC wishes to thank you so much for all you have done and may you be blessed abundantly at Valley Methodist.

CFourie 1.jpg

Deacon Charmain Fourie and family

What does one say about a lady that has been part of RMC for 20 years.  Charmain or rather Deacon Charmain Fourie,

has truly made huge footprints here at RMC with much energy, love and compassion.  This lady has the biggest heart

in the world and is always just a phone call away.


Charmain has grown so much from when she first became Youth Pastor and then decided to pursue her biblical

studies to become a Deacon. 


Charmain has a silent partner who has been her pillar of strength and who has made all her wonderful ideas a reality.

The huge cross of Hope, the Covenant Box and the tomb with the rock that can roll away are just a few of the recent

projects tackled by the Fourie’s.  RMC will miss the beautiful church decorations over Easter and Christmas and not

to mention the lovely ideas that have kept the children entertained and educated at services.


On Sunday 31st October it was such a huge honour and privilege to have Charmain’s collaring at RMC and for the service to be conducted by Rev David Fidler.


RMC’s wishes Charmain all the best at Willows Methodist Church and a huge thank you for all you have done here at RMC.

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